SEMI-HIATUS! music is the strongest form of magic

 'And When The Groove Is Dead And Gone (Yeah)
You Know That Love Survives
So We Can Rock Forever, On'

Helloween Videos: 20/? - Kids Of The Century (1991)

”We poison our hearts
We poison our seas
We burn down the paradise
We’re stoppin’ good waves
We’re losin’ our trees
The future looks bright ahead
I don’t wonder, we’ll go under
In this river of lies, ohh”

i’m the broken boy soldier and i’ll never get older





“how the fuck are you making hd gifsets of a movie that’s still in theatres” a book by me

the sequel: “how did you make that gifset that episode aired 4.01 seconds ago”

the trilogy: “what the hell that awards show is airing this very moment where the fuck are all these gifs comings from”

The quadrilogy: how the fuck do you make gifs


09/06/14. happy 36th birthday, matthew james bellamy

we try to keep the assistance the computers can give us to a     minimum, to almost nothing so i think its much more difficult   to try and physically do something yourself and get a computer to fix it, cuz you can.. now a days, now a days you can play     things on the drums, on the guitar, vocal and get a computer to repair all the mistakes, you know but, mistakes is what makes  us who we are, so ugh...i keep the mistakes in there.


Angela Gossow / ex Arch Enemy

savior of the wizarding world everyone