SEMI-HIATUS! music is the strongest form of magic


Paul always spots the right camera 

[ war ] took my childhood in his stride.


please call me out if I do anything wrong.

please tell me if I’m following someone problematic.

please tell me if I need to tag anything for you.

please feel free to unfollow me if it makes you tumblr experience better or safer.

So lately I have been posting lots of things about the LGBTQ+ situation in my country and I’ve been angry and revolted at everything and everyone and I’ve been so angry that I’ve been reckless and I sort of might have posted countless angry things on my facebook for real life people too and I’m really thinking I’ve been stupid because what if people in real life find me too sensitive about this topic and suspect me of not being straight

Well I am indeed too sensitive and I am indeed not straight so that wouldn’t offend me but I just really can’t get out of the closet in real life yet I don’t know

What are you supposed to do when trying to do my research on political candidates and not finding their fucking proposals and plans anywhere